Welcome To Bread Brothers!

Good pies don’t need sauce
— Nick Casboult

Bread Brothers Baking Co.

We really love our pies! We've been working on our recipes for more than 30 years, and we  mean it when we say that good pies don't need sauce (although we don't have an issue with sauce). A good pie has a filling that is rich, tasty and generous. The pastry should be flaky but substantial, lightly browned and the perfect size to hold in one hand. So, that's what we do! Come in and try our pies, as well as everything else on the menu! 


Lunchtime Sorted

We're proud to offer a wide selection of traditional and artisan breads, as well as rolls, sandwiches, toasties and foccacias. Try our range of salads and buddha bowls, which are made freshly every day. Grab and go from our range of pre-made lunch items which are priced from $6-8.50, or have your lunch made to exactly as you like it. 

We serve locally-roasted specialty coffee and we make delicious milkshakes to order. 


Sweet Treats

We're very proud of our classic baked treats, which range from slices and donuts through to biscuits, muffins and cakes.  There's something for everyone!